Makeover Monday - Cover Songs from the Television Show Mayans MC Pt. 1

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Welcome to another #makeoveromonday! I hope everyone had a great holiday here in the United States. I did a little traveling over the weekend, but not too far. Today we are going to focus as a part of yesterday's #soundtracksunday by using the television show Mayans MC which premiered this fall and recently had it's Season 1 Finale (hence the Pt. 1).

Anyone who is a fan of Kurt Sutter's knows that the music on his shows are usually spot on and go with the plot line very well. He also (I'm not sure if he has anything to do with the music department, but I'm pretty sure he has a good say so in what is played) is known for using cover songs of more famous songs in his television shows. You can definitely hear what I am talking about if you take a look at songs that were played when *Sons of Anarchy* aired. So, let's start this #makeovermonday already!

First up on the roster is a song that was played during the teaser trailers for the show before it aired. As soon as I heard it, I knew I had to start watching the show because anyone who could cover a Rolling Stones song in Spanish was good in my book.

1.Todo Negro (Paint It Black) as performed by Los Salvajes. Even though this song was originally released by The Rolling Stones in 1966, Los Salvajes released this version that same year on one of their EPs. Bet you didn't think this cover version was that old. I sure didn't. I did have to Google this group and found out that their name means "The Savages" in English, and they formed together in 1962 in Barcelona.

2.Rezo una Oración por Ti (I Say A Little Prayer For You) as performed by Diana Germanos y Los Refugios Tiernos. It was released this year (2018) but originally performed by Dionne Warwick. The song was written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David and Ms. Warwick released it in 1967.

3.Sweet Jane by Diana Germanos and Los Refusios Tiernos. I know that I covered this song last week, but hearing Diana Germanos sing this in English, just after hearing her sing in Spanish sounds like a completely different person. This song was originally recorded by The Velvet Underground in 1970.

I hope you enjoyed today's cover songs and look forward to hearing some feedback. If I missed one from the series you liked, let me know which one!

You can also check out yesterday's #soundtracksunday since this post ties in with that.

Soundtrack Sunday - Mayans MC

Ilsa Ione


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My wife and I haven't started watching this yet. We have all of the episodes DVR'd but I asked her if she wanted to start watching it or wait until we could just binge it and she said she wanted to wait. I am looking forward to digging into it though.

There were a couple of episodes I had to watch twice because I knew I was going to n miss v something later on in the plot line. Hope you all enjoy it. It starts off a little slow, but there's an entire season of SoA that I usually bypass when I binge watch it.

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