Hello. The nomination round is over. Please keep an eye out for the next MaM round in about a month's time.

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Well, that's strange. I understood the nomination round to be two weeks, or 14 days. I made my nomination on day 12.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who read it that way as @torico was even reminding people yesterday that there were 'only 2 days left'.

What'd I miss?

Okay. We're going to keep the nomination round running until the two weeks are up and then extend the voting round by a week. We'll update the voting post with any new nominees that meet the threshold when the nomination time ends.
It's not a.perfecr solution, but probably the fairest we can come up with. Thanks for your understanding.

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  1. The nomination round lasts 2 weeks. The voting round lasts 1 week.

You are correct. I'm not sure how I got my wires crossed. The voting round has actually started. Let me consult with the Organizers to find a fair solution.

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Apologies for the mixup. I have sent @derangedvisions and his two nominators (@zipporah and @torico) some staked MAPX tokens. Leave them staked for an automatic daily upvote.

Congratulations! @derangedvisions is a valid nomination.

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