Make A Minnow #27 /// Top Nominees and Voting Post

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Welcome to the 27th Make a Minnow voting post!

This initiative is about awarding a minnow who creates quality content and supports fellow content creators in a community under the PAL/MSP umbrella and giving them a delegation prize as a reward for their efforts!

This is a special round, the person who gets the most votes will be awarded a 10000 SP delegation for four weeks from our sponsor @eturnerx!

This Second post announces the start of the Voting Round and lists the nominees that have been selected. For this round anyone who meets the eligible requirements (registration on PALnet, delegation and chat rank) may vote even if you did not nominate!

This round we have two nominees who received enough support to move through to the voting round:

@angelica7 and @veryspider!

Thanks you to these nominators for your participation!


Please remember we have updated the rules and your nomination will no longer carry forward. This means that you need to vote in this round to support your candidate!

Giving our minnows the opportunity to have increased curation influence benefits the entire Steemit ecosystem and should be considered a great honour. Please cast your votes below under the comment with the name you would like to support :)


To vote for @veryspider please reply to this comment with vote!

This post has been resteemed from MSP3K courtesy of @juliakponsford from the Minnow Support Project ( @minnowsupport ).

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