Make A Minnow #19 /// Top Nominees and Voting Post!


Welcome to the 19th Make a Minnow voting post!

This initiative is about awarding a minnow who creates qualty content and supports fellow content creators in a community under the PAL/MSP umbrella and giving them a delegation prize as a reward for their efforts!

The person who gets the most votes will be awarded a 5000 SP delegation for four weeks from our sponsor @eturnerx and @steembasicincome (SBI) shares sponsored by @eturnerx and @pechichemena

Giving our minnows the opportunity to have increased curation influence benefits the entire Steemit ecosystem and should be considered a great honour.

This Second post announces the start of the Voting Round and lists the nominees that have been selected. Eligible voters that nominated during the Nomination Round have one week to comment on this post with their vote from the list of selected nominees.

This week our nominees are @derangedvisions, @carlgnash, @jrswab and @gray00! The nominations were as follows for our top four:









These nominators are also eligible to vote in the next round as they have nominated eligible candidates who did not have the minimum of two nominations to go through to the voting round: @ddrfr33k

We trust all the members will vote carefully with the PAL (Peace, Abundance and Liberty) values in mind! Best of luck to all nominees that made it through to this round!

All users listed above who had eligible nominations may cast their vote in the comment section, also previous MaM winners are always eligible to vote! This is the voting post so please vote in the comments below! You have until this post pays out to complete this step.

Organizers: @juliakponsford, @clayboyn


I vote for @gray00

i vote for @derangedvisions :)

I vote for @derangedvisions

I vote for @derangedvisions

I vote for the amazing @derangedvisions

thank you vlad :)

I vote for @derangedvisions too but not sure if my vote counts lol. I am a member of the group .

@derangedvisions You got my upvote!!! =D

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