Preventative Gaslighting, Mainstream Media Monopoly Style!

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Preventive Gaslighting, mainstream media monopoly style! And, of course, the same public that has accepted State coroners labelling all fatalities from COVID-positive individuals as COVID casualties, no matter how they actually died, will dutifully absorb these latest contradictory media "instructions," and ironically, feel more intelligent for faithfully accepting this alleged "science" as truth, without a modicum inquiry, while shouting down as a "moron" anyone who is "fool" enough to question the wisdom of the authorities they worship, or anyone who blames the vaccine manufacturer after their loved one dies within 1-14 days of taking a rushed, experimental, largely untested, dangerously liability-free product...

I've highlighted an important scientific fact that the article's author acknowledges, yet doesn't discuss even a single implication of...

The COVID-19 Vaccine Did Not Kill Your Grandmother:

"At an earlier ACIP meeting, Talbot warned, 'There is such a high mortality rate in long-term-care facilities. There will be a number of patients who receive immunizations for Covid and will pass away. And it will be regardless of the vaccine.' As a result of nursing home deaths that just happen to occur shortly after a resident has been vaccinated, Talbot fears, 'we're going to have a very striking backlash of 'my grandmother got the vaccine and she passed away,' and they're not likely to be related, but that will become remembered and break some of the confidence in the vaccine.'

Talbot pointed out that NO RANDOMIZED CONTROLLED TRIALS HAVE BEEN CONDUCTED AMONG NURSING HOME RESIDENTS. However, when she was asked by the biomedical newsletter STAT if she had higher safety concerns about the vaccines for that population she responded, 'Any more than anyone else? No. But I think what we have for the adult population in general is a randomized control trial to look at the safety data'."

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