Mainframe Token unlock July 4th Numerous BIG social media Influence rs back this project!

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What is Mainframe?

Its essentially a privacy centric chat platform like Discord! As well as the opportunity to add a decentralised cloud storage data base later on. What has intrigued me most is the the project has openly advertised that it is supported by numerous social media influences! What do you make of this move?

Social media influences that support main frame include:

  • Boxmining
  • Suppoman
  • Ian Balina
  • ZeusZissou
  • Crush Crypto
  • The Crypto Lark
  • Roy Blackstone
  • Blockchain Brad

Whilst there is no doubt in my mind, these influencers will shill Mainframe to the high heavens. I cant help but wonder if this will promote a pump an dump intitally. As we have seen with a few projects lately such as QuarkChain, and Iotex! Ian And Suppoman are also heavily supporting a very questionable project that goes by the name of SparkStar.

I take nothing away from these guys, i think they are great investors! But money corrupts and i think a few of them could be losing the real spirit behind crypto currency! Which is to decentralised and disrupt the power-money structures that exists today.

I hope i am proven wrong, and the project goes on to succeed and becomes the killer dAPP we are looking for, the next twitter,discord,facebook,snapchat etx.

Could this be the first dAPP that is set to FLY? Time will tell.

Thanks for Reading

Disclaimer : All investing is speculative. This isn't financial advice. Just one man's opinion of a complex fractal world with infinite variables, affecting the system, at exactly the same time.

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NB this hit 8x on the exchanges i think 10x in ETH

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