World Blockchain Forum #wbflondon - quick message, progress update

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#wbflondon was pretty cool:

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 17.40.53.png

Full transparency, here is a generic email I've sent to people met at the event.

Wish I was a better copywriter, doing my best here!

We had a chance to connect briefly in London - ________________ (insert two or three personal sentences here)
So many interesting projects, high energy people, all in a single location. WOW 🔥🔥🔥
I’ve recorded a short 1m27s video (with subtitles, no headphones required):

One of the main realisations - I should be aiming for “friend and family” round, I'm asking for relatively little money. Will you become my friend or introduce me to your friends?
The ICO smart contract is deployed to Ethereum network - substantial (up to 400%) bonuses in place…
I'm inviting you to check the website, whitepaper, or schedule a call - - so that I can explain the current progress.

London is an expensive town. People have cost of living. Developers have opportunity cost. Here is my video from a few months ago:

Seeking business orientated co-founder so that I can focus more on a product side of things. Someone who will help raise initial investment and allow #mailhustle to prosper.

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