Message on Telegram and recent email - full transparency (truth, facts, reality)

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Message on Telegram

I'd much rather do my own thing:

Building team around me, for that I require some funding, starting from a finance / business / investor relationship person... Don't trust blue face guy, trust the code.

Video from 2015 when I first started working on the project and finally figured out Google OAuth Node.js authentication flow:

(see my flow, I'm for real)

ICO deployment tutorial:

(deploying contract is easy, I'm worried about SEC compliance and accidentally breaking some laws)

2m57s demo of the project recorded from Restart Week in Puerto Rico:

Final remark - ideas are free, ideas are everywhere - I started working on this project a few years ago, recently after Facebook Trump elections Cambridge Analytica - realised it's time to change the game and own your own data.

Sending love, sending good vibes, so grateful to be part of this community!

Recent email

I know it's better to discuss over the phone / video call but I just want to explain my current situation:

Contracting in London, selling my time as computer programmer, restoring my financial resources, stability.

Very often I work on projects that do not have much meaning - routine stuff - for example fintech - making one number from one database look better on the screen... (hardly any innovation here)

What I really like about mailhustle is:
a) meaningful mission
b) me becoming a leader
c) me becoming part of entrepreneurial community

There is definitely ego-driven selfish component here - I struggle working for others, selling my time for money, missing clarity of vision. Mailhustle can become a fascinating product used by innovators and entrepreneurs.

The team in India, fundraising, equity - thank you for helping me in these areas - without you, I'd probably bootstrap on my own and build thing organically...

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