Good memories of working with Pillar, David Siegel, Rob, Tomer, Michael (amazing culture and work ethics)

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I first met Rob in Zurich at the Bitcoin meetup in September 2017.
Then I was speaking at BlockchainHotel in Germany and directly from the airport I went to the office near Liverpool Street (even before Rise) to discuss the logistics of a hackathon.
I was here, I was here since early days… Initially hired as developer, then as developer evangelist but there were glitches in my personal life and I wasn’t operating at 100%. Management expected me to hire senior node.js developers in London but my other responsibilities - attenting conferences were not aligned and I failed to realise the mismatch.
Now I’m working on mailhustle - project that is operating in a similar area to Pillar - taking ownership of personal data - analysing email inbox. Changing the game so it is you who benefits from the data.

Expanding the office

One page agreement

working for Pillar.jpg

Farewell party

pillar farewell.jpg

For a few weeks I was sharing living space with the founders.

That was a great experience, thank you for all the lessons.

Now focusing on Mailhustle...

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