Magic the Gathering - Core Set M19 Prerelease

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It was Saturday, 7th July of the year 2018 and a Prerelease Event is held in my LGS. Players cap was set to 32 and actually 30 people already preregistered and showed up. It was really hot, my LGS filled with 35 men, sweating and breathing that really humid air in the room. 30 amateur Wizards started ripping of M19 Boosters at the same time, shouting of joy and happiness to my left and to my right, like nearly everyone opened at least something decent!

Sai, Master Thopterist

So my Promo card wasn't as bad as it could be, because i really like the idea of Sai and will test him in my Commander Deck, which is not build yet.


Go Elves, no Mythics and bad rares


Elvish Clancaller
Fraying Omnipotence
Thron Lieutenant
Dragon's Hoard
Desecrated Tomb
Transmogrifying Wand

Clearly, the black rare was garbage for a sealed event, while the hoard had some ramp capacities. But only the two green rares had some elvish synergies, so i went into green with some more elves.


I had to splash black because of the signpost mutlicolor uncommon Poison-Tip Archer. The Reclamation Sage is a pretty good tool and the Druid helped to ramp a bit with a solid body, out of shock range. Elvish REjuvanator is a pretty good card to get a fast start, helping color fixing and leaving a body on the battlefield for blocking.


So i decided to play a fast green/red deck, splashing black for 2 spells and have some synergies.
My strategy had 2 phases:

  • Build up a creature base and take some lifepoints in the first 6 rounds
  • Use Guttersnipe and spells to kill my enemy

My mana curve of creatures was pretty low with the most expensive card being Volcanic Dragon. Viashino Pyromancer is pretty strong, helping to push that lifecount on the other side towards zero and having a solid body for 2 mana.

Did i already mention Guttersnipe, the Goblin Shaman shooting around shocks on your enemy after you played a Shock? That card is insane and with the help of Recollect, i could get him back from the graveyard or do other shenanigans, like play Shock, Recollect the Shock, play the Shock again for a total of 10 Damage for 5 mana.

Spells and Goblin

With some knowledge about the cards other players pulled, i felt pretty good with my rushing deck. My deck had some synergies, some decent removal and creatures with good abilities and keywords on them. But this post is already getting way to long, so i will make an other post about the matches.

Leave a comment and tell me your thoughts. By the way, here are some other good cards i pulled:
Other Pulls

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