Magic the Gathering (MTG) Find in a Crap Rare Box - Mishra's Factory from Antiquities


Well we went through the entire crap / bulk rare box that we bought (last year) and this is the last AWESOME card. Everything else in the box we bought was just $1.00 and under rares. This was part of a bulk buy of cards that were released about a year ago. We had so much of it then we didn't bother going through the box. We needed to restock so we went looking and bang. TWO AWESOME CARDS. This Mishra's Factory was in pretty good condition and would have been in way better condition if it was sleeved, and not left to bounce around in the box.


From Antiquities, that's a rare and expensive card nowadays.

Thanks for the comment. Can you say TOP DECK!. Good to be lucky once and a while.

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Sweet find! Never know what you might find going through old boxes. I was just going through a box of basic land I had picked up a few weeks ago and found a couple of Beta Swamps. Hard to say what you can find when you go digging through crappy cards.

I had that card once! And the 4th edition.

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