Selling MtG for Crypto #6

Not much of a change from last weeks list, added a Bloodstained Mire and marked a couple of pending transactions. I should have some reserve list cards to add up next week for those anyone who may be interested. Feel free to chat below if you want to know more about me and my magic life.

You can reach me on Discord @bogglemcgee#3961 if that is useful.

Some ways I will conduct the thread will be:

-I will accept a large and wide variety of crypto currencies, though some fringe coins I cannot.

-I will create a new post each weekend with an updated list.

-Once I gain some more following I will add a wants list as well.

-I can ship worldwide but the cost of shipping will be at purchaser's cost.

-Other rules may be added as I learn the platform.

-Items are listed in other places so their availability is not guaranteed.

-Votes with a purchase will get an extra something special in the package.

Feel free to ask questions if I missed something and let your friends know that MtG trading can be a thing on Steemit.



[1] Mox Amber

[1] Drowned Catacombs ANB

[1] Isolated Chapel INN

[1] Glacial Fortress M11

[1] Sunpetal Grove M11

[1] Woodland Cemetery INN


[1] Liliana of the Veil UMA - pending

[1] Bloodstained Mire

[2] Thoughtseize THS

[1] Control the Court P3K CHI

[1] As Fortold

[1] Utvara Hellkite

[1] Iroas, God of Victory

[1] Caged Sun

[1] Ezuri, Renegade Leader

[1] Expedition Map

[2] Stifle SCG

[2] Nature's Lore STARTER

[2] Temple of Enlightenment

[2] Cabal Therapy JUD

[2] Alhammaret's Archive

[1] Balefire Dragon

[1] Anointed Procession

[1] Thought-Knot Seer

[1] Entomb UMA

[1] Ob Nixilis, the Black Oath

[1] Sylvan Library PL

[4] Thornbite Staff

[1] Grafdigger's Cage

[1] Heritage Druid MOR

[2] Tempt with Vengeance

[1] Primal Vigor

[1] Maelstrom Pulse UMA

[1] Counterbalance

[1] Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger ICM

[4] Drogskol Captain, 1x Chinese

[1] Lord of Extinction

[4] Hangarback Walker JAP

[1] Bridge from Below UMA

[6] Gut Shot MM2

[4] Goblin Lackey USG

[1] Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker CHK

[4] Warren Instigator ZEN

[2] Sieze the Day UMA $



[1] Dragonskull Summit M13


[1] Flooded Strand PROMO

[1] Prismatic Strands JUD

[1] Sigarda, Host of Herons UMA

[1] Kodama's Reach MMA

[1] Fracturing Gust FTV

[1] Gut Shot MMA

[1] Serum Visions FNM

[1] Sleight of Hand UMA

[1] Frozen Aether

[1] Mayael's Aria ARB

[1] Mutagenic Growth NPH

[1] Think Twice INN

[1] Sorin, Lord of Innistrad SVT

[1] Serrated Arrows TSP

[1] Cranial Plating MMA

[2] Beseech the Queen

[1] Grapeshot MMA

[1] Grapeshot TSP

[1] Funeral Charm TSP

[1] Seething Song MIR

[1] Full Art Plains AMK 185

[1] Full Art Forest BFZ 271

[1] Tree of Takes MIR

[1] Pyroclasm M10

[1] The Unspeakable

[1] Shell of the Last Kappa

[1] Sorin, Lord of Innistrad DD

[1] Knowledge Exploitation

[4] Artificer's Intuition MIR, 1x Chinese

[1] Rakdos Singet DIS

[1] Azorius Signet DIS

[1] Simic Signet DIS

[1] Orzhov Signet GPT

[1] That Which Was Taken

[2] Funiko the Lowblood

Old School/ Reserve List

[3] Illusionary Mask UNL

[1] Planar Gate LEG

[1] Acid Rain LEG

[1] Reset LEG

[1] Jade Statue UNL

[1] Vesuvan Doppleganger UNL

[1] Mahamoti Djinn UNL

[1] Help of Chatzuk BETA - pending

[1] Control Magic BETA - pending

[1] Tsunami BETA

[1] Zombie Master UNL

[1] Icy Manipulator UNL

[1] Timber Wolves UNL

[1] Thicket Basilisk ALPHA

[1] Mons's Goblin Raisers ALPHA

[1] Circle of Protection: Red ALPHA

[5] Braingeyser REV

[1] Scavenging Ghoul BETA

[1] Sacrifice BETA

[2] Invisibility UNL

[2] Gaea's Liege UNL

[1] Howl from Beyond ALPHA

[1] Dragon Whelp CE

[1] Demonic Hordes CE

[2] Cockatrice UNL

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