MagicDice - winning!

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Ladies and gentlemen of the SteemChurch,

'Time for a little fun!'


A decentralised casino on Steem

As you all know, this Knight enjoys a good investment, having a little flutter and playing a bingo, card or dice game for fun. When it comes to the new decentralised dice casinos, you can enjoy all these things at once.

Some here will be aware that SirKnight has been across at EOS playing in the casinos, among other things. Mining a few tokens, then enjoying the dividends which come with them. And SirKnight is happy to say - the dividends can be eye-watering.

Well this Knight got pretty excited tonight when he came across - MagicDice @magicdice - a virtual dice casino running on the Steem Blockchain. (Finally something on Steem to get excited about again).

Those who get the most fun out of these casinos are the early miners / investors of course. Same as most investments.

The mining rate is still at 25 MAGIC (the equity token), for every 1 Steem bet which, for a 7 billion total supply, is still very good.

The mining rate will quickly halve though and halve again. So you are better off mining now, rather than leaving it for later.

If you decide you want to have a flutter, please use the SirKnight referral link for your initial login.

Remember... MagicDice and any other casino is meant to be fun! Never gamble any more than you can afford to lose. And best not have too much liquid Steem or SBD. You never know when you might press a wrong button or get frustrated and try to double down a losing streak.

Finally - set your strategy. Are you targeting equity or a quick STEEM win? Then set your odds accordingly.

I am Steem's most legendary blogger, however I make absolutely no representations as to the future success of MagicDice.


And... I just mined 50,000 MAGIC tokens!!!!

Thanks for my new 'Telos GoldenKnight' portrait Brother Tikhub (@apostle-th) - Love it!



I'll give it a whirl. I invested some BTC on a gambling site and eventually pulled it out because if someone won big your value would go down and they were always getting "hacked" It's interesting being able to just delegate and earn some tokens that will then pay out dividends without having to invest any liquid steem.

I'm confused on how you mined 50,000 magic though?

I want to know too !!! SK

I have been betting on this platform and my experience of the platform is awesome

Magicdice, sounds interesting, all I see is something to get busy with again 😁

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How do you always win. Because I always

Thanks SK, I think you're playing a little. I just left without dividends. I'll wait a little longer to see if I have a good winning streak "!!!

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Great @sirknight, Dice more interesting gamer. Thanks for this lovely post.

Wow you are very lucky for the games! Or practice makes the teacher?

I'm going to start playing a little. Thank you

Yes just a little AC. This Knight wasn't so lucky tonight.

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