Hooked on Magic-Dice! Earned 50,000+ Magic SMT Tokens just by playing and made some STEEM too playing this fun game!

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Earned 50,000+ Magic Dice SMT Tokens


Magic-Dice is a new Steem blockchain based gambling game where you wager STEEM, SBD or Seed tokens to pick numbers Over or Under the number you choose.

This game is fully automated and works easily through SteemConnect or the Steem Keychain pluggin in your Google Chrome or Brave browsers.

I've been playing for several days now and have accumulated over 50,000 Magic Dice SMT tokens which get you a small percentage of daily dividends back from the STEEM generated by the players of this game.

Magic-Dice is presently distributing these tokens to players and delegators until 70% of the 7 Billion max supply of tokens has been distributed. 40% has already been distributed so these are going fast!

If you like games of chance like this and enjoy the occassional gambling (which is not for everyone) then go check this out and you could win some STEEM and even earn some Magic Token SMTs just for playing.

You can click on the image below to navigate directly over to the Magic-Dice website to check this out for yourself. Enjoy!


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