The magic cube with you everywhere!

in magiccube •  17 days ago  (edited)

\nThe magic cube is a very popular toy and used for decades. There are currently different models and shapes. The classic cube has a cubic shape and each side has different colors, of which there are yellow, green, white, orange, blue and red, it has subcubes on each side so that the cube can rotate and move to mix with the other colors and mess them up and then start the game and put each color back in its place until they are all completed. The game is very easy to understand but has its degree of complexity, since you must match the pieces with each color, and therefore requires skill in the hands and much attention. The use of this accessory is highly recommended for children and adults, as it is an activity that brings great benefits for the development of the mind of growing children and increases the retention capacity in adults, in addition to promoting patience and the creativity.

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