The Magic of Building A Downline

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Hello Online Marketing Friends,

Are you having problems getting referrals? How about stepping out of the box and put a little magic in your downline building. I am going to use the RACE 4 HITS Magical Journey Launch Party as an example of how to do that.

That is where you can get others to help you promote your favorite TEs as owners or members. You can either host a party, special event, or put your favorite TE in one that is already scheduled. There is plenty of room in the R4H Launch Party scheduled for March 6th - 10th.

Get in touch with me, Ken Wolff, or someone you know like and trust for more details or assistance.


Great review, Ken... You can go deeper in the next one... :)

Made in Canva

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I tried to edit it in order to go deeper and lost some of the content. I think I ran out of steem. but with the help of our good friend and mentor Jon, we got it fixed. :-)

Ken, it's always Great to see you posting in ctptalk, and Posting about Downline builders and this Party is a Great One.

Yes. joined race4hits few days ago. my site will be will be in one of in Feb.

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Nice to see you here Ken! As you can see, I gave you a nice upvote and as of this writing you have over 40 ctp tokens. Downlines are great, but lists are greater as they give us unlimited downline building if that makes sense. ;)

Well Put Rob, Building your List first is the best way to Build a List.

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