Red Pill and Blue Pill Dark Magic Pepe The Egyptian god

in magic •  2 months ago

Red and Blue Pill here, Breaking Down "Pepe" The Frog; the 'Egyptian god roots of pepe' - the alt-right/nazi fascination with this occult stuff; the 'magic' Disney programming pushing through all its' content - and how it ties into 'magi' themes ::

This is the kinda spiritual realm stuff I was saying folks are entirely disinterested in right now; which the 'dark side' absolutely LOVES .... that's mission accomplished; but y'all don't watch #StarWars ....

You have to take some time out for this conversation; let me know below if you took time to watch; and let's discuss the content they're expressing. Shout outs to those "Garvey" Sweatshirts.

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