Magento 2 Payment Fee – Meetanshi Extension Explained

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Magento 2 store owners are well aware of the importance of offering varied payment options. There are high chances that regular shoppers would cancel their purchases if their preferred payment method was not available. It increases the cost of the product to overcome the expense of payment gateways. Doing so affects the sale of the high priced items.


Why choose Magento 2 Payment Fee extension by Meetanshi?

Meetanshi has developed a Magento 2 Payment Fee extension that enables directly passing the extra fees of payment facility to customers.

You can always refer to the configuration steps at Magento 2 Payment Fee User guide.

No more costly products due to payment surcharges reducing your sales in the store. With the Magento 2 Extra Fee extension, pass on the payment fees to customers for the facility of multiple payment options they enjoy!

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