Magento 2 Guest to Customer – Meetanshi Extension Explained

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Magento 2 Guest to Customer automatically converts a guest to a registered customer after the checkout step.


The customer registration in the store improves the user experience in three ways:

  • better customer service on each order
  • improved on-site recommendations and merchandising
  • faster checkout on subsequent orders.

Requiring registration need not hurt the sales. It depends on how the registration is implemented. And that’s the benefit of Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Guest to Customer extension for Magento 2 store owners.

Hence, a store owner can use a large customer database to enjoy its benefits and customers can altogether skip the tedious registration process and still enjoy the upgraded customer group benefits!

The Guest to Customer for Magento 2 is a feature-pack extension, guaranteed to improve the on-site experience and conversion rate!

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