Top 9+ Best Magento cloud hosting providers

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Over the past few years, Magento has been holding the leading position in the e-Commerce marketplace, gaining trust from almost every e-Commerce site you can think of. The platform is famous for its eminent features, with outstanding themes and plugins that help stores operate smoothly. However, this is also the reason why letting the Magento system run by itself is risky as there are always hackers ready to attack your hosting server. In order to protect your Magento server to experience these features and functionality at the fullest, you need to install a powerful Magento cloud hosting service.

In this article, we would like to introduce some top-rated Magento Cloud hosting solutions to save some research effort for you. These cloud hosting Solutions will absolutely provide you with the most updated methods and features to enhance your Magento 2 system performance. Practically, these secure providers do not simply create a firewall to keep the risks out of the Magento cloud hosting server – they also schedule scans, cleanups, and automatically updates to advance your Magento system day by day.

Magento Cloud hosting factors to consider

Powerful Security

As we said in the beginning, the Magento 2 cloud hosting solution is created with the anti-malware platform which is configured to regularly scan and remove the malicious software from your system. Accordingly, there will be no interruption or threat that could occur in your store.

Magento 2 Optimization

The common screen of an extension nowadays is that you can see the feature list with various functions. However, not all of these functions are real or actually help your business or your website. You can be assured that all of our features and tools are certainly working which you can track and see right on your site. Magento 2 cloud hosting solution includes the latest approaches to keep your Magento 2 system at the optimal level.

Multiple locations servers

You need to orientate your potential customers to place your website server so that your site will perform faster to your customers. You should place all servers in multiple locations in the US and EU data centers to bring convenience to most of the citizens in the world. Additionally, we also customize the server location to fit with merchant demand if needed.

Loading Time

A slow-loading website never sounds demanding. Research has shown that loading speed of over 2 seconds is deemed unacceptable in today’s standards. Therefore, it’s important that you get a server with a fast response time, which will help you optimize conversion rate, gain traffic and improve user experience. We would like to offer you some guidelines on this matter.


Since there are many recommended Magento cloud hosting providers, it is never a wrong idea to compare pricing and choose which one suits your budget. There are still some other things you have to spend on before your store can go live. Therefore, hosting should not dig a hole in your pocket.


Caching is a technique used to improve your site’s loading time. Instead of a live version of your store, a ‘Cached’ page is loaded which doesn’t need as much time to download as it is a static page. This can drastically improve the loading speed of your online store. All the companies listed above use the most advanced caching methods to ensure you have a great loading time.


You should have a trusted channel to get in touch with the Magento cloud hosting provider even if its a holiday. Not offering a 24/7 support may indicate that a particular Magento cloud hosting provider is not the best option for you.

Top 9 Best Magento cloud hosting solutions:

1. Cloudways – Magento Managed Cloud Hosting

Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting

Over the past years, Cloudways has always been a powerful hosting provider that satisfied a number of Magento store owners with the reasonably-priced Managed Cloud Hosting. The pricing may not be the cheapest, but it’s equivalent to the exact value that users will receive. The company offers users to host your sites on top-rated cloud providers including Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, Amazon Web Service and Google Cloud platform.

Cloudways is an impressive platform packed with eminent features to help your Magento store stand out in the competition. The Cloudways ThunderStack, consisting of Nginx, Apache, Memcached, MySQL/MariaDB, Varnish Cache, PHP 7, PHP-FM and Redis, provide everything to optimize your Magento performance. Moreover, the hosting service also offers a wonderful security system to protect your Magento store with IP whitelisting, firewall, database security, application isolation, and two-factor authentication.

For more details, you can take a look at this feature list:

  • Configurable one-click installation
  • Integrated Git
  • Unlimited applications
  • “Pay as you go”
  • GUI interface for optimal scalability
  • CloudwaysCDN to improve page load time
  • Easy backup process
  • Free SSL certificates

About the pricing, Cloudways always offers the friendliest price for beginners with $10 a month for one core, 1GB RAM, 25GB storage and 1TB of bandwidth. A free trial is also available, allowing business owners to initially conduct testing.

Cloudways Plan Detail

2. A2 Hosting – Magento Cloud Hosting

A2 Hosting – Magento Cloud Hosting

A2 cloud hosting holds an undeniable appeal to its clients mostly for an extremely reasonable price. While you’re not going to get lightning-fast speed, you can get a four-core package with root access for just $15 per month. The A2 Hosting offerings are somewhat similar to VPS hosting, but there is a limit to what you can expect in this price range.

If you’re looking for as close to a risk-free option as possible to get started with cloud hosting, A2Hosting has you covered. Folks looking for true enterprise-grade data centers that are highly responsive, however, may want to look elsewhere, particularly given that their peak offerings are not closely equivalent to the relatively high prices. At the low end of the market, though, there are good choices.

Highlight features:

  • Up To 20X Faster Servers
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Free Account Migration
  • cPanel Included
  • Free SSL & SSD
  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7/365 technical and customer support

A2Hosting Plan Detail

3. Liquid Web (Nexcess) – Managed Cloud Hosting for Magento

Liquid Web – Managed Cloud Hosting for Magento

Liquid Web offers among the best cloud services in the hosting market. Their cloud web hosting products are divided into four kinds of hosting packages. Scaling from the least powerful to the most powerful, these are cloud sites, cloud VPS hosting, dedicated cloud-based server hosting and personal cloud hosting.

The cloud sites option is limited in name domain hosting. Cloud VPS is basically the same as using a virtual private server or a dedicated server, except that it’s hosted in a cloud and quite a bit more scalable. The same idea applies with the dedicated cloud hosting solutions, but with dedicated cloud hosting, you get to hold the power of the server yourself other than sharing with different devices.

The personal cloud hosting is essentially a whole cloud system all to yourself – spending $1500 just to get started. For companies that require significant firepower, though, this is something that few other web hosting providers deliver. You can even partition your instance, with low-end plans allowing up to 5 virtual servers running simultaneously on the same cloud.

Other highlight features:

  • PCI and HIPAA compliance
  • High-Performance NetApp SAN Storage
  • Scheduled-Snapshot Backups for VMs
  • 24/7/365 On-Site Support
  • Firewall and Load Balancer Included
  • Free Standard DDoS Protection

Nexcess Plan Detail

4. Bluehost – Magento VPS Hosting

Bluehost – Magento VPS Hosting

Bluehost has been one of the oldest names in the hosting market, starting from 1996. The hosting provider now has more than 2 million sites, with almost 100 percent uptime, connected from all over the globe, and the number is still growing gradually. Until today, Bluehost is still an optimal choice for both small and large companies when it comes to web hosting.

This high-speed server is especially perfect for optimizing Magento performance. Even in high traffic, Bluehost allows your Magento site to load within 2 seconds, and when the traffic witnesses a twofold or threefold increase, the speed remains nearly the same. Also, with Bluehost, your page will respond quickly in about less than one minute for all available regions.

About the hosting plans, Bluehost offers several options corresponding with each specific business scale and budget. There are 4 different versions: shared hosting, cloud hosting, private hosting, and dedicated hosting plans. The cloud hosting provider is more suitable when your business has reached a certain level of expansion and has achieved instant traffic flow.

Besides the eminent functionality mentioned, Bluehost has a pool of other ultimate features to benefit your Magento store. Take a look at the following feature list:

  • One-click installation
  • 24/7 customer support via live chat, email, phone and tutorial videos provided
  • One free domain included
  • cPanel access
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • 50GB website storage

Bluehost Plan Detail

5. HostGator – Cloud Hosting for Magento

HostGator – Cloud Hosting for Magento

HostGator is another big name to try in this cloud hosting market, with about 8 million websites hosted. HostGator is more commonly known as a top-rated WordPress development hosting provider, but the platform can also perform the best hosting features for your Magento e-Commerce store in general, and shopping cart in specific.

HostGator offers shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting, with cloud hosting being the most ideal for established high-traffic shopping carts. Each version benefits each type of business size, from smaller to much bigger businesses. But whatever edition it is, all users can take advantage of HostGator’s outstanding features to optimize your Magento store performance. Some highlight features include:

  • Automatic installation with one click
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Free HostGator website builder
  • Free dedicated IP address included
  • Private SSL certificate
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Unlimited subdomains and email accounts
  • Instant backups
  • $100 credit on Bing and Google Adwords
  • Database resources

Cloudways Plan Detail

Dream Host

Dream Host

DreamHost is also another web hosting services provider that could benefit from being clearer about its offerings. The first major annoyance that’ll hit you as a customer is that the only products it lists on its hosting page are “DreamCompute” and “DreamObjects.” Rather than clarify the difference between cloud computing instances and cloud hosting services, they put them together under the heading of “compute,” a term that’s not relevant in the web hosting industry.

The main benefit of DreamHost is that it makes cloud hosting accessible to anyone. Plans start from as little as $4.50, and even its most expensive one comes in at under $100. You’ll also be on an hourly rate, rather than a fixed one. There’s also unmetered bandwidth, up to 16GB of RAM, 4 CPU cores, and a free SSL security certificate.

Highlight features:

  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 4 CPU cores
  • Unparalleled Speed
  • Full Root Access, Full Control

Dream Host Plan Detail



GoDaddy has always been a famous name in domain registration, but the platform continues to slay in the host providing market as well. GoDaddy was established in 1997 and started providing web hosting services in 1998. Over two decades in operations, the hosting service has gathered millions of users for its quality security and ease of use.

GoDaddy provides various web hosting plans for all companies of different sizes and types. Specifically, about the cloud hosting plan, GoDaddy’s service is popular for its scalability in which can help businesses expand tremendously. Furthermore, users of this platform can manage your Magento store with ease thanks to its outstanding feature list provided, including:

  • 24/7/365 customer support via email, live chat, phone or support center
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Unlimited storage
  • Generous refund policy
  • Free SSL certificate

GoDaddy Plan Detail

InMotion Cloud Hosting

InMotion Cloud Hosting

InMotion is one of the earliest hosting providers dedicated to all business sizes, from small organizations to large e-commerce sites. They offer great scalability for the growth of your business. They have created a name for themselves in the hosting world thanks to their wide range of services.

InMotion is a great assistance to Magento performance for its incredible page loading speed, which is 90% faster than other services today. The response time is averagely less than one second, with the fastest recorded of 2 ms. A comprehensive customer support is also a main selling point of inMotion – users are provided 24/7/365 support via email, phone, live chat, or directly in-house in the issue center.

For the hosting plans, they offer shared hosting for small businesses, VPS hosting for those with large businesses, dedicated server hosting, and managed hosting. This lets them cover all sizes of businesses from the smallest blog to the largest Magento ecommerce website. Managed hosting is great if you do not want to deal with the technicalities of a website. The host takes care of traffic and does the upgrades and other technical tasks on your behalf.

Other highlight features:

  • One-click installation
  • SSD storage
  • Free SSL certificate
  • FREE cPanel license
  • Root access, SSH access, and reseller access with WHM

InMotion Plan Detail



SiteGround has been gaining public trust for years and is the most rated web host according to the WordPress community. Their web hosting network has extended to the global level, and they are one of the few hosting providers that specify hosting locations.

The platform is popular for Magento performance optimization. SiteGround guarantees the fastest in-house speed and highest security for your store – with the average page load time of 650ms which is way faster than several other hosting providers. Their server response time also indicates the incredible site load speed – from 34ms to 54ms in the US and a bit slower for other regions, but the number still remains remarkable. Besides, the host also offers 24/7 support to assist you anytime.

About the hosting plans, SiteGround offers three different versions to choose based on your business goals and needs: shared hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated hosting plans. The cloud hosting provider is especially highly recommended if your e-Commerce website has witnessed stable daily growth in traffic.

What makes SiteGround stay beyond other services is the high-quality feature list providing complete assistance to your Magento store. Aside from the outstanding Magento optimized server, fast loading speed, high security, and full-time support, there are many other highlighted features including:

  • One-click installation
  • Automatic upgrades
  • 10 GB storage
  • Site setup and transfer
  • Daily backup
  • Free CDN
  • Free SSL Certificates

SiteGround Plan Detail

Final Words

Magento is one of the most popular shopping carts today. To host Magento, especially large businesses, a hosting service needs to have unlimited features and be highly scalable. If you are just starting, you can choose shared hosting or simple services and upgrade later. Unless you are sure that your site will start getting thousands of visitors each day, start with a basic plan, and upgrade afterward. This will save you money while still guaranteeing you get the best efficiency. You need to compare the above best cloud hosting for Magento and see which one will meet your needs with your available budget.

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