Truthforce Upvote Service!! Send .5 Steem and I give you an upvote worth more than it! NO SPAM POSTS

in #maga7 years ago

This is an upvote service to help everyone grow a little bit. NO SPAM allowed(more on that below).

This service will help get visibility on your Blog posts. Blog posts that have more "value" upvoted on them are shown higher in the Trending/Hot section. Getting a little boost might push your post up higher so more people see it :) This is a great way to help with that!

With this service I will make sure to give you an upvote that is worth more than the .5 STEEM that you send me. You will get an upvote worth somewhere between .8 to .9 worth of Steem.

Prices do flucuate however, so you need to keep this in mind. It is possible that the price of STEEM goes down a little bit and you just break even or lose a little bit, or if the price of STEEM goes up you could make even more! Such is Steemit!

To qualfiy for this service you must not have a SPAM Blog Post, the Blog Post must be over 30 minutes old, and it must have less than 10 upvotes on it currently. If you meet this criteria please send me .5 STEEM and in your memo put the URL Blog Post you want me to upvote. The current price of STEEM can be found here.

No SPAM blogs, and no upvoting of comments. I will only vote on Blog posts. I will review everything manually before I vote on it. If your post is rejected for any reason you will receieve a full refund and a reason of why it was. When I upvote your Blog Post I will say so by leaving a comment on your post. I can only do so many votes per day and it may drain me down too low on my voting power. If that happens I may need to wait a day before voting on your post. This would be because too many people are using the service so please be patient.

I check Steemit multiple times per day so any questions feel free to ask!


@truthforce got you a $1.64 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
@truthforce got you a $1.64 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice! (Image:

Want a boost? Click here to read more!

Hmm, sounds good - if I have some Steems (I powered them up) I will try it. Thanks!

@truthforce is legit. He can be trusted.

Just backing up @americana-reboot on that statement

@Truthforce is legit, I've used this before. Anyone who is on the fence, try it out.

My next post that qualifies will be seeking your services.

Thanks :)

First, you can trust thrueforce, he is a legit guy.

Second, sending you some steem. Can you please upvote this? <3

Yaaaaa. Just did on your post 😀😀

Thank you.#freekek

Upvoted. Good work.

can I still claim an upvote ? :)

Not at this time, sorry! My rented SP has ran out. I may rent more SP in the future, but for now I am waiting.

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