The New Clinton Chronicles [HD] Extended Edition (1∶55∶16)➤-JEhzdZvQ1WM

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(1994) The Clinton Chronicles - The Complete Education on the Clinton Cartel - Full Documentary

This documentary delves into the many different alleged crimes and the dishonesty of the Clinton's. From cocaine trafficking to murder, the funneling of literally billions of dollars through questionable means, and the female sexual assault and sexual misconduct victims of Bill Clinton.

Whether it is all true or not remains a mystery as neither Bill, nor Hillary have ever been tried in a court of law. This documentary is shared here simply to inform voters of the kind of people the Clinton's truly appear to be. Please subscribe to my channel for more on the 2016 presidential election.

Fair Use Disclaimer
"No copyright is claimed in the presentation of “The Clinton Chronicles (1994)” and is only presented here for informational and educational purposes. This documentary has been posted under the Fair Use Act of 2007.

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I will watch it as soon as possible.
Thx for post

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