Bubbling Rock Pools

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Natures Bubbles - Macrophotography with @juliank


Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!

Sea life bubbles popping in rock pool, blowing slowly surfacing in a rippling effect.

Low tide offers time to explore rock pools, witnessing crabs, anemones, urchins, mermaids purse (shark eggs), crabs, starfish and lots of different types of seaweed. Seeing life in the pools, no need to snorkel, with no wind present a great opportunity for photography.

Keep watching the tide, the sea covers these rocks completely during high tide, don't be caught off-guard. Wear sand shoes (takkies) for grip, saving you from slipping or shells on the rocks cutting into your feet.

Please be kind enough not to hurt anything if possible, we humans have a tendency to want to touch UN-wittingly doing damage to fragile sea life.

Settingsf/4 1/640 sec ISO-125
CameraCanon PowerShot SC730 HS
LensCanon Bridge
LocationMission Rocks KwaZulu-Natal

Communities I support: @qurator @steemitbloggers @photocontests @teamsouthafrica @kryptonia

!steemitworldmap -28.3726 lat 32.4242 long St Lucia KZN South Africa D3SCR




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Interesting rock pool for watching the sea life.


Will be sharing a longer post on the rock pools soon, currently battling with an internet connection problem, so much more offered in this region @eto-ka


Ok, we're waiting. Good luck! Let the problems with the Internet be solved.

Just spent a week at the coast with my kids and they just loved looking in the rock pools. Hours of entertainment with no tv!

  ·  11 months ago (edited)

Very nice post and picture! :) @mejia_martinez

very simple yet artistic image.

What a perfect shot.upvoted

very nic picture. so amazing!upvoted

great image. perfectly captured.

nice post beautiful photography

Upvoted from kryptonia @KantZone

Nice one keep it up

I love wandering around in tidepool areas and seeing what is in each one. Low tide is always my favorite time on any beach. You got a great shot of this one. I end up with reflections your can't see through at all :) Good luck for the contest, Joan.


Love sharing wonders of nature, things we really don't see every day Sharon. Imagination of what the deep sea life is like, invigorating and scary at the same time.

Wow an amazing shot, looks almost alien


Some of those pools have totally alien looking plants inside, I have never seen a pool where there was so much 'breathing' and bubbles coming up.

That is so cool, seeing life (shark eggs??) up close like that! But yeah we should be careful to only look no touch

Great photo of nature :)

The ocean is amazing and nothing is so relaxing as walking down the beach!!

Its amazing how crystal clear this thing is. This is simply marvelous.

Awesome photography. @joanstewart

So lovely! We also fancy and prefer the rocks at the beach! Blessings and upvoted! @joanstewart

Wow! It is so beautiful! There are just so many beautiful creations to appreciate, thanks to the Creator for making it for our enjoyment! 😍 Thank you for sharing Joan! 😉

The black color of the rock disrupting the focus. Anyway, nice shots :)

Hermosa fotografía, gracias por compartirla, saludos!!!

What a cool post thanks for sharing:)

Great photo!
Kryptonia @Hokkaido

Nice Photo
Kryptonia @steemizm

Kryptonia @vote-transfer

i LOVE HOW THE WATER IS SO CLEAR. tHANK YOU FOR THIS. from kryptonia, id same as this.

Nice picture, from kryptonia, @cashthekush2

picture like this can relieve stress...super cool

ooo wow its looking beautiful.What is it in water?

That is magical. you are right you don't need to do snorkeling to see these wonderful creatures when you can see them without getting wet at all! That was a nice natural made aquarium of different sea creaures! :)

Nice click. But I'm unable to watch image in fullscreen.