MacroPhotography Contest Entry "Natures Geometry"

in macrophotography •  last year

macrophotography nature geometry flower sunscape.jpg

I absolutely love the beauty found in nature. This Echinacea Daisy was about to unfurl when I took this photo. The vivid, green really caught my eye, as well as, on closer inspection you can see a very fine web that outlines the edges of the flower with it's own geometry in play. Happy day everyone.

Photo taken with my I Phone 7 Plus ISO 20 f/1.8
Thank you to @juliank for creating this #macrophotography contest for all of us to enjoy.

Until next time, this is Sunscape...

Sun. Scape. Ing your day

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Beautiful. The pop of color, the web it creates, the slow unfurling. Good job.


Thank you for appreciating the photo, I found it stunning in the garden.

You're a champion, you have photos to export

Dear friend


Thank you


You are welcome friend


Thank you very much

Hermosa muy linda nunca la había visto.


Thank you Michelle, it is a cute flower.

Wow, what a photo and of course an amazing detail of nature! Perfect photo for today!


Thank you so much @violetmed I found them so intriguing this year for some extra, special reason..