still not in the mood to take new pictures..

the joy of taking pictures seems to have abandoned me, last time was june or juli 2018 .

no new challenges, no new inspiration, just an empty space this is the 1st time this happens to me with photography.

here is one shot from the popast a hover fly on a straw flower

image created in my old garden with the sony a6000 + reversed rokkor 28mm 3.5


'Nice' sunny shot... every hair on that hoverfly... :)
Nahhh... everyone goes through the no-inspiration mood/phase...some might last longer than others... It does help to just 'pretend' to want to... you might just come across that inspiration then :) Happy hunting!

Komt hopelijk wel weer terug.
Gewoon doen of zelf met een paar anderen hier wat organiseren.

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