they are pretty gross up close

Which lens did you shoot this with, Scott?

I just recently picked up a new macro lens (Nikkor AF-S 105mm 2.8 VR) and am hoping to one day shoot stunning photos like this.

Do you have any pro-tips for macrophotography? :)

Wow, thats really nice. You have done a great job.

Photography is my favorite hobby.I like it so much.

this is awesome, and the details are stunning clear, talk about great photography

Love the under water macro work, tough and challenging conditions but your photos shine ;)

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Great Work love art like this is appeicated keep up the good work i up voted is a must peace love my friend. One World One People.

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WoW ... his eyes are so beautiful. I love your very sharp photos and details. Greetings @scottdphoto 🤝

It's really amaizng that so microphotography system and indicate skill full photographer .This micro photo graph system for animal is so valuable ..And Thanks for valuable post and sharing .Continue your most important activities .Best of luck

beautiful and creepy.

Wow wow Wow. Just great photography. Beautiful nature colours. Attractive

I've always thought about it, photography is an art and scott has just shown it with this photo, great work continues like this

WOW! I've never seen a crab so close-up! Amazing!

Wow, truly amazing photo!! Nice work

this is so Crazy macro

oh , you can almost see all the parts being taken from the icon thing . If you look the photo from distance you can see an astonishing abstract art . It really open your mind for the colors jumping around the frame.
Just clever .

Such a high quality pics.

Awesome photos!! :) If your in to cool photos you might like the Mountains our AI generated.

Hello there lil fellow :) I really Love the colors in this shot!
Great work @scottdphoto!!

another professionel macro pic .. congratulation man you are so pro

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Amazing picture and nice

Phenomenal! Bravo Scot! 😉

I like and enjoyed your post ! Keep publishing interesting and informative articles.
If you wish, you can check my posts @allaboutdeetails
Keep steeming. Cheers !!!
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I kept tanks of hermit crabs when I was a kid, must have gone through dozens if not more, but I've certainly never seen them like this... Incredible.

What the awesome captured @scottdphoto

Wow awesom photo, i like this so much

That crab has some of the freakishly most detailed mandibles...evaaarrr! Excellent capture.

Amazing photography skills. Love it

Very nice photo and I love nature and animals so I really loved it!

That is so creeepy

The color of these undersea crabs- is truly amazing!

Excelente fotografia. Muy interesante el color de los ojos. Keep going the good work!!

Stunning mate!! I got some cool shots of the large purple hermit crabs on Koh Phayam. Only on land though. , my crappy underwater housing for a canon compact leaked on the main silicon seal, and that was the end of that. Checked your website out, absolutely stunning under water shots, especially the giant octopus dance. Big up!

Nice picture Scott. I did not know that you were also an underwater photographer

Very nice capture @scottdphoto. Not all the time those carbs will pose for you. Nice one.

That's incredible. They seem to be quite complex creatures haha.

what a beautiful crazy picture! I love the details!

Well that looks creepy and awesome at the same time! great shot...

Wow amazing, so much detail, I would love to be a wildlife photographer but I just don't have the patience!