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Pyrgus oileus, the tropical checkered skipper, is a species of skipper (family Hesperiidae)


This was taken using my Canon PowerShot SX60 HS


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Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

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Looks so fluffy. Nice photo :) Such a delicate, beautiful creature

Thanks very much

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Thank you very much, I appreciate that

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oh wow super furry! looks soft :P

Thanks @polebird - happy holidays to you xx

Stunning is right. You never disappoint :)

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excellent butterfly shot looking nice

Thanks @starboye - love the pseudonym

That butterfly is so cute! Love nature photography :)

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Excellent shot. Furry butterfly is so nice. Thanks for sharing

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Great shot!

Awesome thank you

amazing pics! good work :D

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WOW! Very beautiful!

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You captured a very unusual butterfly. Greetings.

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great clicks nice photography

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Un magnifique papillon merveilleux !
Quelle photographie @ sallybeth23

Merci beaucoup

incredible pics the butterfly looks amazing

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wow a beautiful and blissful shot :)

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A macro spectacular with a blurred background. Very good tones. Good job. just amazing everything perfect just great image we done

So nice of you thanks x

Amazing! Thanks for sharring such things.
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wonderful texture, the leafs green color makes is colorful :D stunning shot, great job💖💖

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When did butterfly get so big🤤

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nice shot. Butterfly or moth?
whatever this is I always find it difficult to take a close photo of these creatures.

It is a butterfly - I just added his name to the post. Thanks for reminding me of what was missing ☺️

Furry! I had no idea there were furry butterflies! Great shot, Thank you

Thank you very much. I never realized either before I took up photography 😉

When did butterfly get so big🤤🤤

Best Shot! Keep sharing..