Jungle Daily - Midweek Macros

in macrophotography •  5 months ago

So today I have some bugs and birds to share with you. All but the hummingbird were found inside my house - and even he has flown in on a few occasions but not today. It’s pretty wild around here!








These were taken using my Canon PowerShot SX60 HS


Our lives become beautiful not because we are perfect but because we put our heart into what we do.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

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OMG!!!! Do you find these bugs in your home!??! That really is wild!! I'm jumping up and down when I see a little spider in my house :D But I am lucky to have my husband to save me. Don't get me wrong, I love all the creatures on this earth but I like to keep my home for myself :D

Anyway, stunning photography and I also admire your bravery! :)


Haha yes all around the house. The last one pictured actually dropped into my hair just as I was going to bed!!! Not nice ☺️It’s a jungle inside and out. 😆


I think I would get a heart attack if something like this happened to me! You're much stronger than me :)

Just awesome macros. And i think i am soon going to see a photo exhibition by you :)


Thanks for your great comment. lovely to see you 🌈💛🦋🌴❤️

Great variety of insects, really interesting those visits = D


Thank y U very much for your comment 🌈💛🦋🌴❤️

Great pictures as always Sally :) I love the close up of the black and yellow insect.


Hi Krystal, lovely to see you. Glad you like my collection of critters.😉🌈💛🌴🦋

Wow - an amazing collection - quite stunning!

Upvoted and resteemed :D


Thank you so much for your awesome comment and resteem.🌈💛🌴🦋❤️

Hi @sallybeth23! It is looking pretty wild at your house! 🤣 To catch the hummingbird sitting in all it's sweetness! Such a beauty -- It's so shiny! Great images as always. They are so unique today. It's always a pleasure to enjoy your artworks of mother nature. Last i connected with you you're stung by a scorpion!! Glad you made it through that! Have you been bit by them often?


Thanks Jill no that was my first scorpion sting - surprisingly as I have lived around them for years!! lovely to see you , thanks for stopping by my post. You are a sweetie 💛🌈🌴🦋❤️


Well that's good that scorpion stings are rather rare occurrence. Did it hurt for long? Did you apply an antidote?

Amazing photos 👌 I have never really seen such animals in my life...Nature really gives us the most beautiful motives


Hi @bellaibiza thanks for your sweet comments, you are lovely! 👏🌈🦋🌴


Thank you for your compliment 🤗
You are also a very nice and lovely person 🌻👌... I am happy about our contact 😊

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Very nice insects I liked a lot.


Thanks very much, nice to see you❤️🦋🌴💛🌈

it is wonderful to enjoy the beautiful creation of god as well as god feeds a simple sparrow and loves a simple animal so with all your heart imagine the love and affection that God has us to thank you for sharing these beautiful photos brother

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Hay man nice photography.


Thanks very much 😉💛🌴🦋❤️

Hello @sellybeth23
On the last photo you can see, how the bugs are glossy... because of the light. If you use a difusor, you will get better color and focus....and the glosy efect will go away🤘🔥❤️❤️


Thanks for the excellent advice 💛🔥


No problem... in start I had always this problem ... look on the YT how to made one. All staff you need you have home 🔥🤗

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Amazingly wild. New creatures at ever turn.


Thanks Mike🌈🌴💛🦋❤️

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Beautiful nature and quite a company of strange friends you are keeping!!

So enjoyable looking at your photos. I wish I had a magic carpet to travel to your paradise for two days.