Jungle Daily - macro shoot in the birdbath.

in macrophotography •  2 years ago  (edited)

I noticed this warbling wren having a bath in the rainwater guttering on my roof.






These were taken using my Canon PowerShot SX60 HS


Our lives become beautiful not because we are perfect but because we put our heart into what we do.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

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It's really nice... I'm blessed to see your photograhy... You are really professional photographer...

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Thanks Rafiqul, have a blessed day ❤️🌴💛🌈🦋

Welcome sally

Well caught 💯🐒

Thanks vibe ❤️🌴🦋🌈💛

How nice! You have a nice swimming pool for the jungle birds too!!
Membership is free, I suppose!

Haha love this comment 💛🌈🦋🌴❤️

She is beautiful.

Thank you so much 🌈💛🦋

Love that first shot.

Thanks very much 🌴

it is very good

very nice birds

Your photography is awesome. The photos of the beautiful bird have been captured very clearly in the camera.
Thanks for nice posting

Thanks ❤️🦋🌴🌈💛

Wow!!! What a beautiful bird. Excellent photography.

Thanks very much 💛🌈🌴

wow beautifull photography

Thank you very much for stopping by

You for putting your heart in the picture and for wanting to bring us creative photos you come across this beautiful scene.

Beautiful little bird took your roof as a shower !!


oh beautiful photography dear


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These are so precious! Is there anything sweeter than a baby, except a baby taking a bath?

I almost want to towel him off!

Sweet shots!