Jungle Daily - Macro Moth on my IPad 🌴

in macrophotography •  2 months ago

This beautiful moth landed on my iPad drawn by the light of my jungle blog in the darkness of the evening. I couldn’t resist catching a few macro shots with him.



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Wow! That is an exceptionally beautiful and strange creature! Almost looks like a life form from another planet... amazing how things look when you get close enough to them.



It’s true and that is one of the reasons I love Macrophotography- I see things I never knew existed! Thanks for your great comment. 🌴🦋🌈💛🍀

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Incredible insect.
Butterflies and moths (Order Lepidoptera) are perhaps the most popular group of insects due to the beauty of their shapes and colors. Its name derives from the Greek lepidos, which means scales, and pteron wings, that is, "wings with scales". @wfuneme.

Congratulations beautiful photos.


Thanks very much 🌴🌈🦋💛🍀

Woah that’s a type of moth I’ve never seen before! It looks like it has a shell or some kind of protective leaf over the top:) how cool! Those big feelers are so intricate! Nature always amazes me:) a cute little furry alien for sure:)


Thanks so much for another great comment. I really love moths with their super furry bodies and big eyes!

Wow !!!, I love your macro photography. Spectacular


Thanks very much for your great comment, glad you like my macros! 🦋🌴🌈💛

It is really beautiful. Has beautiful eyes and colors :D

He was curious to see what you were doing, lol!

You started to post when I'm sleeping so it looks like I missed your posts!! :( I will have to get used to your new posting time :)

Wow. That's an incredible photograph @sallybeth23! 😱

Close up is out of sight. WOW


Thanks Mike 🤗🍀🌈❤️🌴🦋