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in #macrophotography4 years ago


My daughter loves catching reptiles.


She is especially adept at catching Brown Anoles.


They really do look like minature dinosaurs.


This male had an especially beautiful dewlap.


Vivid reds and oranges, we could see he was quite the ladies man.

All pictures taken by @rawruss with a Nikon D3400 w/ 40mm Macro lens. No dinosaurs were harmed as a result of this photo shoot. Be kind to creatures!


what cool shots and how cool your daughter than catch them

Thank you! Yes, she loves chasing them down and catching them - and I get a good laugh out of watching her in action!

it must be so much fun to watch I bet

Great pictures @rawruss! My husband loves catching them too, they are fast though ;) They're fun to watch, especially when they exhibit their dewlap! Happy New Year!

I always have a chuckle when they start doing push=ups and puff out their dewlap. They have surprisingly strong little jaws too, they can clamp down quite tightly!

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