Spider Photoshoot, My New Friend Sid - [Original Photography]

Hey all,

I was out in my garden, having a brew (as you do in England), and this little chap ran across the table. I ran off to grab my macro kit and got some shots.

I think he is a Salticus scenicus or a Jumping Zebra Spider. He was about 5mm in size and ran really really quickly. He also did the obligatory jump and I very nearly caught him in action. I love the contrast of black body and golden hairs.




Thanks for looking


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Jep, that's Salticus scenicus, a male, as you can tell from the large chelicerae...

Awesome shots!

The quality of your photos Bro. Amazing

Very good shooting mark, you are great in the field of macros.. Spiders are very beautiful and I have never seen.

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Fantasric. My favourite creepy crawly so far.

I was clicking about reading on witnesses again and somehow got here. I can’t believe I’m saying this as someone terrified by spiders, but your little friend looks almost cute...

it looks very good shooting, you are great in the field of macros for sure.I like it too. Spiders are very beautiful and I have seen many time in my own village.