Mark's Macro Monday [Original Photography]

Hey all,

Here we go with another couple of macro images for a Monday evening. It's funny, I spent about 20 minutes chasing this little grasshopper around with only one image that was even near good enough (which I still don't think is all that good) , and then as I was walking away, I spotted the fly sat on the leaf and an opportunistic shot turned into one of my recent faves. Hope you like em. As per usual, you can click for a larger version.



Thanks for looking


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I LOVE that hopper - never seen one remotely up close being and I love the markings.

Flies eyes are freaky! I really think I'll be forking out on a macro lens soon and when the wife shouts at me I'll be blaming you!


I would certainly recommend the Sigma 105 2.8. It's actually pretty reasonable for such a good lens, coming in at about £360. Considering the equivalent Canon is twice that, it's a bargain. It's the first non-canon glass that i have purchased and im really happy with it. You are halfway there with the curie upvote from the other week... what has the wife got to complain about ;)

good photos, I never managed to do that.

I just saw this type of locust, this is rare in our country. incredible macros @markangeltrueman

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Fuckin' cool! The details and the color tones are amazing!

Super annoyed by a fly buzzing around me in my living room, but you make 'em look good anyway ;-)