A stroll down the paddock [Original Photography]

Hey everyone.

Yeah, for some of these shots I had to get as low down as STEEM appears on a TA chart, but it was worth it. The ongoing British summer is affording me the chance to get out and about, but being on-call is preventing that from happening this week, so a walk down the paddock is as much as I can do. Hope you like the usual set of weekend macros. Next week I have some big news and some content that isn't the same as my usual photography. I might even throw in a comedy open mic at some point too.

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Thanks for looking


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These are so cool.. love every one of them :)


Thanks very much. I wasn't as happy with them as some of my work but they are OK. Happy to get a couple of reasonable shots of bees - they are usually quite hard to get a good image of.


Well, I understand when you have done better you might think that way, but I've never used any camera that could even come close to those details lol.. So I enjoy watching them :)

Great to see again @markangeltrueman, your macro shots are still some of the best I’ve seen around here. Way to be consistent.

A little while back, I decided to draw that snail you photographed, remember? Did you ever get my message about a clearer picture? No worries if the original is as clear as it gets, it’s actually plenty to work with.

I’m still plenty far away from drawing it anyhow, it will get drawn though and I’m actually looking forward to it, so take your time, just wondering if you got that message.

Thank you sir, enjoy your weekend!


Dont think i did. Are you on Discord? If you are, you can message me on MarkAngelTrueman#5965

Awesome dude...love it

These are the best photos of insects that I've ever seen! You could count the hair on the bee if you wanted too! Amazing detail! May I ask you what kind of camera and lens are you using?



I use a Canon 60D coupled with the Sigma Macro. I also have a Speedlight flash on top with a big light diffuser (similar to this) to give more wrap around lighting and in some cases, to separate the subject from the background.


Thank you for coming back to me! I've heard already about the light diffuser but never actually bought one. I will look into it as I love your photos. The information from you is very useful as I've never studied photography. Just a few months ago I've started (based on youtube videos :) )


If you want any help with anything, drop me a message on Discord.... MarkAngelTrueman#5965


That is so kind of you! I will definitely have some questions on equipment and night photography :)


Seriously? You actually make a mini studio for the insects? :o


Yeah. I was thinking of mounting a small reflector to one side too for a bit of fill and then move the flash off to a side bracket. I'd prefer more horizontal lighting to lighting from above

Yeah I gotta go with @anouk.nox here - you are selling yourself short! These are awesome! Man insect hair bristles are so crazy cool. Insects are always a million times more metal when you get up close to them. Geez can you imagine running into that bottom charmer at human size?


hahaha @carlgnash I don't know about you, but I don't want to imagine lol

"the usual set of weekend macros". . . Not usual at all. These are stunning as always Mark. I hate bugs but these are so beautiful I would print them big size and put them on my walls.

Oh wow...I’m scared of insect close-ups, but these are beautiful! Well, except for the last one. That gave me creeped out goosebumps.

I agree with others, you’re underselling them. They’re more than ‘ok’.

Edit: Me, the insect-phobe is resteeming close-up insect photos, that’s how lovely I think they are.

@supersoju, check them out when you’re back online. It might feed your close-up insect fetish! ;)

Gorgeous macro shots, Mark <3 I love these very much ! The clarity, framing and details captured are absolutely stunning <3 Beautiful colours, too <3

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stunning macros! the details are exceptional - not easy to get with a narrow dof. for me, my hands are not that steady.