A bit of weekend macro - [Original Photography]

Hey guys

Been away on holiday but figured I'd come back with some of the usual macro photos. Didn't actually take many photos on holiday so don't expect a post on that (spent most of the time relaxing and doing sweet FA)

I quite like this first one but I don't know what the hell it is that is coming out of this things mouth.

The last one is NSFW. At least he brought her to a nice place. :)




Thanks for looking


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wow brother it excellent photography.I am waiting for your very useful upvote. give me your pleasure sir.

wow really amazing macro photography * ___ * the first one really took me! the foreshortening is really nice <3 <3 but all three are beautiful~ i love the colours in these <3

I think you interrupted the couple in the last photo ... they look a little uncomfortable... lol

The NSFW pic is awesome! Really love the setting and action you captured there ;)


Looks to me like she is more interested in the nectar than the sweet luvvin.


Of course that’s the one you like 😂
She does seem a bit uninterested...

Great shots Mark, that fly is insane.

Bloomin’ marvellous as per usual.

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Got to say ... the first one looks like he's trying to be like a lama. The second is an insanely clear photo. And the last, the soldier beetle ... their mating mostly last for hours and hours without a break ... I think I should also need to eat for energy if I had to do that :-D

But wow, really nice macro photography, with a really good DOF and sharpness.

A little disapointing that you haven't photographed the environment for another post ... but good you relaxed and enjoyed your holidays!

wow - love them all, but the last one is the hammer! Has to be looked at full size!

Great photography 👍