Wellcome to HORROR FROM THE FOREST the GAME Round 2 (Win 2SBD in less than 48h) Public voting

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Hellooo, fellow macro photographers WELLCOME to round 2

As a macro photographer, I CHALLENGE YOU, to play a game with me. It's a fun way, to inspire EVERYBODY, to step up their macro photography. The theme of the game is known from the title. Yes HORROR.
The challenge is, to shoot a better macro then me and everybody else.

                              How to play

Every Sunday, I will post a HORROR FROM THE FOREST GAME, with a macro photo.
All you have to do to participate in the game:

  1. Follow me Upvote this post

  2. Resteem it

  3. Publish your macro photo in THIS post and write: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED


.1. You can only post original work (maybe I will ask you for proof)
.2. You can only post 1 photo
.3. We are here to motivate each other, not to discourage one another!
.4. Starts NOW and ENDS 00:00 (18.6.2018) EU time-Berlin I will announce the winner tomorrow.

  1. Place 1SBD Will choose @marjanko
  2. Place 0.7SBD Will choose public
  3. Place 0.3SBD Will choose public

I will choose the winner, 2 and 3 place will choose public/steemit community with upvotes.
Who will get the most upvotes on their macro photo, will win 2 or 3 place.

                          Lets play and good luck

Let me kick it off with this photo.

"Patiently waiting"

Participants who has competed in round 1: @edguci @adibiqbal @idiongo @rajkooooo @sallybeth23 @shawmeow @hafizolgafur @psyssors @jayclar30

Good luck to you all and everybody else. Have fun!
Yours truly, @marjanko




Amazing! There seems to be a pink light emanating from his thorax?! - and what a face!

Wow..scary spider..nice to touch

Scary spider! I love this picture, very good work @sallybeth23 as always !!! Very good contest @marjanko! Now that I'm back from vacation I'll be able to follow this contest! The next one will be able to organize it together @marjanko and @sallybeth23? 😎

Nice shot!

Thank you madam @saskia😊😍😍

Thanks so much madam @jannie98 😊

Love the color of this creature. Nice shot!

Thank you madam @juwel, and marjanko's spider was awesome too, he is the photos expert. 😊

indeed a macrophotography

Thank you madam @el-dee-are-es 😊😍😍

You are a good photographer @shawmeow. Wonderful macrophotography.

Thanks madam @shula14 , I'm glad you like my photo 😁😍

You deserve it. You took a nice shot!

I humbly appreciate your comments, thanks 😊

I like this one☺

Thank you so much madam @lyann😍

What is the name of this?

Sadly, I don't know the name...😅 It's my first time to encounter an insect like this. 😊

Nice colour

Thanks madam @nelinoeva 😊😍

Looking at the pic gives me the creeps. I can vividly see the "thorny hairs"(?) And that eye looking. GREAT JOB!

Yes, you're right madam @yadah04, that's why I chose this as an entry 😊 thanks so much 😊

Nice photography.

Thanks sir @islaw 😊

Wow! Purplelicious..😜😜 ha ha ha!
Just kidding! Nice shot ate @shawmeow!

yum yum yum... 😂😂😂 Thanks madam @cutirenskei 😍

You are a very good photographer @shawmeow. Wonderful photography.👌😊

😱 Thank you so much @flamingirl . I'm glad you didn't forget me/us 😍😍😍

I'm not forgetting you and I'm thinking about another contest theme 😉

That is so great!! We're grateful to hear that from you.. can't wait for the contest ( feeling excited 😍😍) Thank you so much 😘


Thank you all for your support that you given. It means the world to me.Because of such a good feedback on the game,I will change some rules.
YES, we must do this. Its best for all of us.

Price FROM 2SBD TO 2.5SBD (Takes effect now)

1.Place 1SBD Will choose @marjanko
2.Place 1SBD Will choose public / upvote and positive feedback
3.Place 0.5SBD Will choose public / upvote and positive feedback

Everybody, how enters the GAME and follows the rules, will get a 25% upvote from me. Its not much but its something. (In the next game)

Plagiarism** :(
As macrophotographer-artist, I prefer to view original content, from YOU. This game is all about YOU presenting your work. Motivate each other and others, to create more and do more.
This is what is this game is all about.
Please respect that!
If you discover plagiarism, as @mweich (Thank you so much) did, you will get 100% upvote from me.

@sallybeth23 @shawmeow @nelinoeva @adibiqbal @mweich @careassaktart @pengelana @adson @idiongo @edguci @mrf @stitchybitch

Give a little love to this post, so that everybody will see it.

Yours truly @marjanko

Game over AND NEXT GAME 24.6.2018

First, thanks you all, for taking part of my first game and congratulate all the winners. Hope you enjoy it and are a little bit more motivated, to go and shoot for the next Sunday HORROR FROM THE FOREST Round 3

Here is my absolute winner: @adibiqbal / Congratulations

1.Place @shawmeow / Congratulations
2.Place @sallybeth23 / Congratulations

All participants, will I tag in the next game, so they will get a notification when the game is on. If you didn't participate in this contest and what to get a tag/notification for the next game write under this post: @marjanko TAG me, for the next game.

NEXT GAME 24.6.2018
Participants who will compete: @sallybeth23 @shawmeow @nelinoeva @adibiqbal @mweich @careassaktart @pengelana @adson @idiongo @edguci @mrf @stitchybitch @mrf @

Hope to see you next week! With love, @marjanko

(If you don't what to play the next game, just write: @marjanko ,delete me)

Thank you so much for your kindness 😊

Love to have you, with us 😍

Thank you 😻

Your are wellcome

I have no words to say how happy I am...big thanks for marjanko for this fun contest...thanks for all..

Love to have you🍀 next week hope we will get more price money and the winner will be chosen by all off us / macrophotographer.... will see... but only good things will come 🤘

I'll wait and keep trying to get my best shots for the next turn..nice to learn with you @marjanko.
Macrophotography always give me much fun to do.

Oohhh so nice of you. Thank tou, for the kind words 🤗

Thank you so much for the place, and you chose a couple of very worthy winners in my opinion. I love the way you push me to improve, keep nudging me @marjanko and one of these weeks I will blow your mind ☺️

i m looking forword on the photo 😍 yes next contest will be more fun and the photos this week are 😱🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 love it

Congratulation to all winners....

Hope to see tou next time 🤘

Congrats to winners! Well deserved rewards!
Oh, I am off to find something new to compete 😀
All my images are too cute.😉

Try to shot at night. Then the monsters come out 🤣🤘🔥

Sure they do. 😉

Photo graphy by @takin ![image] lock hard()

This is a great contest, also, I love that stunning look of the spider up close.

Thank you🔥 yes, you can zoom in 🤗 an the focus is 👌

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challenge ACCEPTED

Golden dart frog

Wow...I like this the most..

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Photo graphy by @takin ![image] lock hard()

I call this one "hanging around" I find it looks kind of creepy (not sure if i meet the requirements but i enjoy taking part).
enlarge to view more details.
Have a nice Sunday!

Nice golden orb spider and her mate 👌

They were in love...

They were in love...

Congratulation ..🙋🙋😊😊👍👍👍

Thanks for your great appreciation,.

Beautiful specimen. What camera do you use ?

sony a6000 plus sony90mm macro

At the ends of the possibilities, there are new ways of freedom. We open minds to wonderful information in the world of ideas, we feel the intimacy of emotions and passions on the bodies of perfect brunettes. We discover our weaknesses on the smile of gambling faces, our victory comes at the waves of the storm

Just a couple questions! Can I play since I missed round one?
And does it have to be nature macro or any kind of horror?

Yea dor shure... everybody can join anytime🍀
Yes it must ne something with nature and macro🔥

Ya it is so interesting topic you have post. Sure It is goin viral on steem.

I love the colours of your bug here 🌈🌴💛🦋

Thank you @sallybeth23. Its hard to get focus on this tiny bug ..


My roommate - haven't seen her for a while...




On point 😱🔥

Hahaha, its like tarantula, the dangerous one

You just miss a few things, to enter the game. Do this and you are in! Good luck
1.Publish your macro photo in THIS post and write: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED

Okey, thanks brother, I'll do these suggestions 😊

That's my original photo.

no problem, my friend

Game Over
Thank you all for playing and voting.
Winners will be announced tomorrow.


Current price is 0.12 or 0.121 SBD for 200%, 250%, or 300% upvote based on tier level.

200% ($0.24) - Bronze Level - No requirements
250% ($0.30) - Silver Level - SteemAuto Upvote of 100% or $0.02 (whichever is possible)
300% ($0.36) - Gold Level - SteemAuto Upvote of 100% or $0.02 AND 50SP delegation

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CHALLENGE ACCEPTED........... magic of God 3_img_0501_forest_tent_caterpillar_moth_malacosoma_disstria.jpg it is my first try in this competition hope you guys like it thank you so much

Thank you, for watching out for copyright. I really appreciate it.

No problem. I don't check every post but sometimes it just seems a bit off, so right-click "google search image" ;)