📷 Macrophotography 04.01.2018 with @juliank - Beetles, Bee and Flowers

Beetles, Bee and Flowers

Ladybird Beetle

Ladybird or Lady Bug beetle, (not so much of a lady when she bites on the odd occassion.) It has not happened often, but a surprise when it does, still think they are pretty nonetheless.

Beetle - White-spotted fruit chafer

White-spotted fruit chafer - Source of Information on South African Beetles: http://www.biodiversityexplorer.org/beetles

Everlasting Flower of South Africa

The beautiful Everlasting Flower in white (Afrikaans name is; sewejaartjie) is a flower that genuinely lasts for years when dried out properly.

African Daisy and African Bee

African Bee enjoying the sun and nectar of the African Daisy with Dandoline seeds laying next to the flower on the ground waiting for the wind to take them further on the journey of seeding.

Photography with Canon EOS 500D f/5.6 1/1000 sec No flash.

Macrophotography Thursday with @juliank

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Awesome photography, Perfect clicks for Macrophotography, I truly love seeing this kinda things, Thanks for sharing @joanstewart

Nothing beats nature and a camera to test your abilities @sameer999 thanks for kind comment.

Thank you @emperorrichie have a great day.

come to nigeria for tour , you really gonna enjoy it

I believe it is a beautiful country @emekasegun

Yea it is @joanstewart you gonna love your coming

Love the beetles and blooms..enjoy your week!

Thanks for kind words and visit @dianadee

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