I ❤ Macro photography!

in macrophotography •  4 months ago


My macro photographs are not as brillant as yours but the main thing is to try and especially to have fun =)

🎨 Category: Macro photography
📸 Camera: Samsung Galaxy S7
🌐 Location: L'Escala (Catalonia, Spain)

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Hey :)
I Like your pics :)
Love macro 2!

Macro photography is actually exciting

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Wow. very nice.
colors and TIME is so good.

Love the subject. Snail is beautiful.


Nice :)

That is a beautiful shot of a snail! :)

Amazing picture

Beautiful shot @flamingirl.
Perfect timing to find this beautiful snail right on the leaf.
Have a great Monday @flamingirl

That’s a pretty great example of macrophotography. Great shot. You could also use the same image, crop it so that the snail fills the composition, and to edit the photo to black and white, then publish a second blog for the monochrome prompts.

Wow and wow 😍 @flamingirl .. I salute you with various fields photography/macro you, one of which is incredible macrophotography. keep on going hopefully you will be more successful..

nice photo i like it resteemed your post @insomniacsk

This is beautiful 😍

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I like it your photography very.

That’s a real beauty. Awesome photography. I am resteeming this