Macrophotography _ The lime flowers

in macrophotography •  last month


White and yellow colors look very beautiful this is the color character of the a lime flowers,here are three shots of smartphotography and smartphone macrophotography images.


This lime flower petal shape looks very beautiful, meThe shape of the lime flower petals looks very beautiful and I took pictures of this lime flower on a small plantation owned by my neighbor.


This the photography of my work today, hopefully you can enjoy the result smartphone macrophotography the all works @Deltasteem.

Thank you for visiting my macrophotography page.

Smartphone xiomi note 4 camera + 45mm Nikon L810 Macro lens modified for smartphones.

Speed of shooting 1 / 3 . f / 2.0 3.57mm

ISO auto

Use the Snapseed application.

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Great macro! The touching gentle flower can be seen in all details.


Thanks @eto-ka As always, I will continue to share the images in my environment:)

A good collection of flower pics - spring is on the way


thanks @mdf-365 Hehe they are beautiful flowers;)

Such beautiful and delicate little flowers


Thanks @tattoodjay Yes I think so too and they are candidates for citrus fruit;)

Good stuff. Always impressed by the detail.


Thanks @stever82 detail is one of the ideas that I prioritize in photography using this simple smartphone camera ;)

wow beautiful white flower my friend...
Awesome macro photography macro king...


Thanks @tussar11 And you are the king of landscape;)

Keep spirit my friend;)

Great to see the blossoms and great photos my friend!