Playing with my macro 📸

"Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature." - Gerard De Nerval


SettingsISO 200 60mm f/5 1/200 sec
CameraOlympus E-M10MarkII
Location Klagenfurt, Austria

Here are some of my pictures I already posted on Steemit:

➡️ 🌈 Double rainbow 🌈
➡️ Lovely little puffin
➡️ ‍Embrace the wind

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Is this plant a kind of flower? Never seen this before, what's the name?

To be honest, I can't tell. I saw this one in our local botanical garden, but there has been no sign with its name on it ... I looked on Google for it's name, but I could find anything there either, @herlife :(

This makes me want to get a macro lens so bad! The purple and green look make a great color combo. Nice shot!

Hi @idkpdx, thanks a lot for your comment! Yeah, I bought mine some month ago but never got the chance to use it. So I decided to visit our local botanical garden yesterday to give it a try. Unfortunately, it's been a windy day. So it was I bit hard to get the focus right. But as far as I can tell by now doing macros is great fun :)

Great shot, the focus is superb! Upped! (:

Oh, thank you so much, @samsiedenstrang! Your feedback really means a lot to me! :)

No problem! Keep up the great work! (:

Nice shot! 8)

Hi @boddhisattva! Thank you so much for your feedback. I really appreciate that!! Have a nice day :)

Nice shot! For some reason I find it hard to look away from...I feel like it's gonna snap shut on an unsuspecting bug, or finger. lol. Well done!

:D I think this flower is harmless. At least I hope so :D Thank for your comment @rayshiuimages!! :)

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The results of photography is very beautiful.

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