Abstract world 📸

"Black and white is abstract; color is not. Looking at a black and white photograph, you are already looking at a strange world." - Joel Sternfeld


SettingsISO 200 60mm f/6.3 1/320W sec
CameraOlympus E-M10 Mark II
Location Klagenfurt, Austria

Here are some of my pictures I already posted on Steemit:

➡️ 🌈 Double rainbow 🌈
➡️ Lovely little puffin
➡️ ‍Embrace the wind

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Incredible fractals of nature, and as always the drama of black and white photos gives a different pact to the observer. Today I have uploaded some photos that I made to a butterfly with my smartphone, I invite you to see them.

Thanks, @omart, for your comment. You captured that butterfly enormously well. Upped :)

Black and white for sure :) But, what is this object? A flower?

Hi @haseez! Yes, it's a flower. I like it cause it looks so soft and cuddly :)

It didnt look soft to me at first look. Lolz But, if you say it is "I believe you sweety"

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