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Today was my first day outside with my new Nikon!

I decided to try my multipurpose lens first, even though I am dying to get into the nitty gritty of Macro photography with my 1:1 Macro lens. I have realised that I need an aditional piece of kit for me to get the macro shots right, a ring flash, so I will pop out and buy one later in the week. I think they are about £20, so not that expensive, but they do make all the difference.

Here are a few macro shots using my 18 - 300mm Lens and I used the Macro Auto setting on the Nikon D5300. I haven't quite got to grips with all the manual settings yet, so the auto settings are handy. I also took the shots freehand without a tripod. I am guessing if I had used a tripod, the images would have been more crisp.

Don't forget to click the images for the full screen effects :)




For my first attempt at Macro, I am quite pleased with the results! I know it is just an ugly fly, but he was the only bug happy to pose for me today :)

These images are my own, taken with my Nikon D5300 and edited using PhotoScape software, which you can find free online.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! If you enjoy my work, I would greatly appreciate an upvote if you have one to spare :)

Much love and peace to you my Steemit friends! @beautifulbullies (bulldogs) xx

fiddy thumbnail.JPG




Great to see the camera in action, love the first photo especially how transparent the wing is. x

Thank you! :) x

upvoted&followed :)

thank you :)

I love Macro photography! It's way, way easier with a tripod... I have tried capturing moving leaves and bugs before without, and know that's a task- good job!

thank you @lilycampbell :) Yes, I think when I start using the proper Macro lens, I will definitely be using it with a tripod, or even a unipod, they look quite cool :)

Yes! Some uni/monopods can be great stabilizers!

beautiful high detail pictures. can make out the hairy thorax and delicate reticulation on the leaves

thanks @rachelrick! I can't wait to start using the real macro lens, hopefully I can get in even closer with that! :)

Flys are worthy! Reminds me of a local native story, where the animals sing a song to bring bear back to life, but leave out fly. It does not work until they include the tiny fly, because even he has worth.

Thanks for the lovely images, It is nice to see such fancy stuff. I thought i was cool with my tiny camera haha.

Awww that is such a lovely story! I take it back about the fly, he is indeed beautiful and worthy :)

Whata a wonderful colors! Regards.


thank you so much! :)

thanks @burabay :)

I love that you used a fly for your first model :-) There is something beautiful and perfect about that...And it helped you practice! I'll have to get our camera out one of these days - it's been awhile. My iphone doesn't do everything! Cheers

Absolutely! Get the camera out, I would love to see your photos :)

Aww these pictures are great! Looking forward to more!

thank you @vegan.niinja :)

Macro is so much fun!! This is great for a first attempt. Most of mine end up blurry :)

Thank you so much! It was probably beginners luck haha I was actually shooting the leaves and then the fly popped out! It startled me lol

I believe that many good photos happen that way 😉

I just upvoted a fly :P I cannot believe you made me upvote a fly :P xD
Did it for the new camera, of course !!! :D Enjoyyyy
I am Nikon <3

xD lol that is sooo funny! Thank you for the upvote @meanmommy33 :*
Nikon all the way! <3

Great photographs, I have always been curious what the d5300 can do when mounted to a decent tripod when it comes to macro photography.

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