The beauty of small flowers entry # 26 - macrophotography

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good nigth steemit friends all, today I will post some unique little flower photos that I photographed this morning. this morning as usual I went looking for some photos for me to post in steemit, and I chose to go to the garden that is behind my house, when I got in the garden I tried to observe some flowers for my photo by chance I see there is one very small flower very unique, this type of flower is very different from the flower is usually what makes me interested to photograph the little flower, to take this little flower I use the Smartphone camera and I also add how many lenses macro let the image look more clear.

Category : Macrophotography
Taken : with Xiaomi Mi A1
Macro lens : Nikon l810 & Prosummer lens
Setting : Auto HDR
Taken by : @azlicr

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