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Snails are the common name given to members of the mollusc class Gastropoda (stomach-footed animals). In the strict sense, a "snail" is a gastropod that has a coiled shell in the adult stage. In a broad sense, which is also the meaning of "Gastropoda", includes snails and naked snails (snails without shells, in Javanese known as resrespo). The Gastropoda class ranks second in terms of the number of species of its members after Insecta (insects). The habitat, shape, behavior and anatomy of snails also vary greatly among their members.

Snails can be found in a variety of different environments: from trenches to deserts, even to the very depths of the ocean. Most snail species are marine animals. Many also live on land, fresh water, and even brackish water. Most snails are herbivores, although some species that live on land and sea can be omnivores or carnivorous predators. Some examples of Gastropods are snails (Achatina fulica), garden snails (Helix sp.), sea snails (Littorina sp.) and freshwater snails

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