Macron Wins in France – and Uses Bitcoin?

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Emmanuel Macron may use bitcoin. He is also France’s most youthful president and the author apparently of a sizable defeat of Marine Le Pen, the rightwing candidate who could not overcome suspicions that she is racist, among other things.

Macron supposedly possesses – or at least has posed with – a Ledger Blue bitcoin hardware wallet.
Whether this is significant is not obvious but if the wallet is in use, then Macron is a very high ranking user of bitcoin.

As Minister of Finance, Macron adopted “financial regulation to allow experimentation of blockchains dedicated to the market of Bonds … If the experimentation is conclusive, the government could extend it to unlisted securities in order to promote the emergence of a SME exchange.”

But the former Rothschild banker is also very much a liberal and is often categorized as a leftist. France, going back to War for Independence in the 1700s has been “leftist leaning” even during phases when the so-called right wing has been in power.

Macon for instance is a big booster of the EU and avows liberal stances. He may well follow EU perspectives which will do nothing to help France as it submerges into the red ooze of a union that is determined to swallow countries whole in order to ensure they lose their identity.

What will happen to France now? It will be a second fiddle to Germany and toe the European line as it further drowns in a sea of EU regulations and other measures that ensure eventually that France is not an independent nation but an EU puppet.


Thank you for sharing this information.

Actually I do not think that France really plays 2nd violin in the EU. It certainly does economically, but in terms of foreign policy and military strategy it is obviously much more influencial than Gernamy.

Thanks for this information! I'm French and here only few people knows about bitcoin and only few info from our gouvernement! I'worried about how this gouvernement will taxe bitcoin owner! any one has some info about bitcoin and fiscalisation,taxe?

tjrs pas de vrais info à ce sujet mais ça se dessine...

interesting for us in france .thanks