Photo collection of spider face. | Photography of macro lens #162.

in macro •  5 months ago

Hello photography lovers friend from macro lens ... !!!
May be always healthy and happy wherever you are. On this occasion I just wanted to share some pictures of spider face collection. Hope you guys like it.





Camera Smartphone Xiaomi redmi note 4x + macro lens.

I have more pictures of spider faces that I save well and reshare in the future. All the pictures I took using a smartphone camera and adding a macro lens. Hope you guys can enjoy it.

Thank you for your support and please follow me @rizasukma.

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jangan sampai di gigit bang @rizasukma ntar jadi spiderman.. hehehe


Hehehe... Enak juga ya kalau jadi spiderman, :-) :-) Pasti saya akan menjadi objek dari fotografer. :-)

Ajib banget skill Bokeh nya 😍


Terima kasih @alixwijaya. :-)

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Wow, what lens do you use to make microphotography?


Special lens for smartphone camera. I use the Aukey brand. Thank you for your visit.

Spyder jump ?


Iya bangrully. Ini adalah jenis laba - laba pelompat. :-)