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Purpose of M^5Wire (MachWire Brainstorming Comics)

! emerging crypto trends from a unique perspective !

A WIRE reads fast. BRAINSTORMING peers deep, discovering importance. And COMICS, aid the abstract.

*Posts immediately follow flybys of current headlines. They are not meant to be predictive or advisory.

Behind the Name Mach^5Wire

Mach is the number assigned to the speed of sound. Mach5 is special- view this post, MachWire Comics #12: EchoeSs^2, to get a better idea why. And as I mentioned, a “wire” is meant to be fast… and concise.

Don’t you just love BRAINSTORMING,
even when,
it's a matter of economy.*

The objective of Mach^5Wire is to provide value in timely fashion, as well as, for recorded information sums (journalizing blockchain development). That is, if you were to skim recent blockchain, crypto, fintech, and general news, and could place current events with significance (up to date), then you should grasp how and why I chose my words that day.

Given our limited time and the need of other viewpoints for insight, I believe M^5 can add sustained value to our emerging web.

Because one story about a blockchain isn't enough.
And, time is precious.

Also, I believe aviation, and more specifically, general aviation (GA) economics needs a louder voice. Blockchain can certainly benefit the flying community more than most.

Considerations behind Broader Content Delivery

M^5Wire is an effort to sustain regular postings- albeit at the cost of breadth of content. Available funds limit the depth of my dive and the regular citation of current events; hence, broader content delivery. While eliminating opinion is near impossible, and more challenging at higher investigative speeds, I do try to remain objective. If I have an opinion I wish to include, it will:

  • 1. Be separated from the MachWire commentary
  • 2. Text will be altered (i.e. bold, all-caps) so there is nil chance of confusing factual presentation with opinion

Unfortunately, M^5Wire is not afforded the inclusory reference links of previous MachWires. This is why I am affectionately referring to the streamlined version as M^5Wire. If you found my posts during TheBeast2 (grumblings of another scheduled for May), you know why.

Professional Pursuits

I am a professional writer/research with a passion for aviation, fitness, and blockchain. Loved learning how to land an aircraft and deep studies into aviation that culminated in a degree. There I found a renewed dream alongside aviation photography. My professional background includes information/library science, aviation research, security, crypto projects, finance, macroeconomics, fitness, and Christ.

Personal Biases

I believe the world’s culture is transforming and my specialized talents/experiences are of paramount importance. I am not the most tech savvy person, though, I have designed an interactive website tutorial for teaching the basis of IFR flight and tore apart my share of Ataris long before I knew how to drive. Growing up running the streets of metro NJYC, working in Manhattan, and as trainer/lifeguard, a vision and fortitude developed that lead me to speed-trek the Rockies, sprint a rising desert, and submerge in the Pacific; all the while amidst picturesque stars, that, when absent of artificial light, can illuminate the page, seeming close enough to touch. Today, when not glued to my PC tower, you will find me Atlantic submerged, though sometimes, above ground lollygagging on my surfboard, close enough to pet the manatees.

How Can I Improve?

Comments are welcomed, and through this platform, I can assign value to your meaningful thoughts!

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