M^5Wire: March 20 : SEC, IBM , spring, stability

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This being the first M^5Wire, my observations will be exceeding broad.

Overall Crypto Market

Bitcoin’s dominance remains, but other top chains are more significant outside of their circle of bloggers. BTC still dictates the direction of the market. And as strong as its influence is, other blockchains seem to have enough support from established business that they could survive on their own.

Corporate Influence

Blockchain technology seems to be have established itself in the boardrooms of corporations, as such to warrant its own department or techies in the very near future. In an effort to avoid opinion, simply put, blockchain is increasingly on the tongues of executives in regular business headlines. IBM has openly taken a lead here with chatter of a World Wire… will “blockchain logistics” be top words this year, or next?

Speaking of private blockchains and not necessarily crypto, Ethereum and Amazon are increasing their activity.

Main Players

EOS news has been less aggressive than Ripple as both tread water among the top currencies. This is where Litecoin is interesting. Are investors looking to support the lead of Bitcoins while minimizing The Lightning Network (LN), and could Litecoin even make this possible? Will LN smart contracts compete with Ethereum?

Emerging BlueChip?

Then there is Binance Coin (BNB). The big question here is does BNB offer the needed functionality of a blockchain-based settlement layer for an exchange? Or will BNB found ineffective and a passing fad? BNB must warrant attention because of its significant outperformance of Bitcoin.


If you daily peruse crypto headlines… well I warned you.. this post is just so the M^5Wire can get some footing.

So just a real quick comment of headlines running on the wire.

  • *ACCEPTANCE:* there is certainly an environment growing of government oversight, regulations, and lobbying groups
  • *SCOPE:* blockchain matters inherently mean international discussions
  • *FUNCTIONAL:* current applications are proving useful which lead to more headlines about improving current operations
  • *SHIFTED FOCUS*: stories are less about personal experiences and more about organization and implementation
  • *RESILIENCE*: amidst the entrance of corporate goliaths and popularity among daring businesses are people who have found success. Discussions about trending ICOs have shifted to solutions that make a difference both for a company and on personal levels.

There is now less negative press about crypto industry in general. Hard to image mudslinging at crypto when the SEC is digging in:

Even using the world “promise” to describe the tech:

And how about this US SEC Schedules Public Forum on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency for March 31, 2019.

M^5Wire objectives include:

  • speedy, absorbable read
  • overview/brainstorm of current events related to blockchain, crypto, and fintech
  • commentary and insight that is absent of bias and predictions
  • adds sustainable value to the web and the investigative pursuits of readers
  • considers a global aviation perspective with emphasis on GA economics
*Please see Purpose of M^5Wire for more information.

How Can I Improve?

Hope you enjoyed this flyby. Comments are welcomed, and through this platform, I can assign value to your meaningful thoughts!

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