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“Hello everyone, I am using AOL webmail account since 2015. Don’t know what happened last night with my AOL account. Now, it shows an error code ERR1801. Due to this error, my emails could not be uploaded in the Inbox. The annoying part is that this error appears so frequently. To resolve the glitch, I restarted my Mac system and also used different browsers, but, nothing fixed this AOL email problem. Can someone help me? I have to access my emails on an urgent basis.”

If you are also having the same problem as stated above and unable to reach out your emails, then no need to worry furthermore. Here, we will guide you on how to resolve AOL email problems in the most relevant manner. So, let’s get started!!

There are plenty of errors that pop-up in the AOL mail account. Above all, the emails and their attachments not being loaded is the major one. However, these errors can be resolved by implementing the right workarounds.

Still, errors are the reason due to which user cannot access the messages at the right time. Hence, it is always suggested to keep email backup on an on-premise location to have mail access in any disastrous situation. For this, users can use the SysTools Mac AOL Backup Software.

It is a utility devised for downloading messages from a single AOL Mail account into MBOX, EML, MSG, and PST format on Mac system. In a case, when you do not need to backup entire emails, then just export messages of the particular timeline using Date Filter. With this software, the email backup of,,, and the account is possible in desired formats. So, whenever users face the problem of AOL mail outage, the backup file can be opened in the respective supported application that helps you a lot to access the emails.

In the upcoming section, we will discuss errors of AOL email and how to resolve AOL email problems proficiently.

Full Guide On AOL Email Account Errors

    1. Blerk! Error 1 Message This error is related to when there is an authentication glitch in AOL Mail. This issue generally occurs when the user is using an outdated version of the browser, then you may receive this error in any of the following error codes.
    • ERR1100
    • ERR1102
    • ERR1103
    • ERR1106
    • ERR1107
    • ERR1108
    • ERR1109
    • ERR1110
    • ERR1112
    • ERR1113
    • ERR1114
    • ERR1115
    • ERR1122
    • ERR1123
    • ERR1124
    • ERR1125

    2. GAH! Error 1111
    This issue generally encounters when exclusively there is a sign-in problem with AOL Mail account.

    3. AOL ‘GAH! ERROR 2’ Error
    In this error, due to connection/network issue, the user becomes unable to use the AOL mailbox. This technical error will be fixed automatically after taking some time.

    4. AOL Mail ‘ERR800’ Error
    This error conveys that there was an access issue with the Inbox folder.

    5. BLERK! Error 4 & Error 5
    This error occurs when there is an issue while loading the messages in account. Plus, when you encounter ERR1801, ERR140, ERR125, ERR136, and ERR101 error code, then they convey the same meaning.

    6. GAH! Error 7 Message
    In such a situation, when the Javascript is turned off for the browser, this error pops-up. To resolve this issue, the user needs to enable cookies in the browser (Firefox or Chrome). Plus, enable Javascript for your browser (Edge, Safari, Firefox, Chrome). Afterward, reopen the internet browser and again try to sign-in.

    7. ZOIDS! Error 9
    When a user tries to login with an account that does not support AOL Mail services, the ZOIDS! Error 9 message pops-up on the browser interface.

    8. ZOIDS! ERROR 16 With Code ERR2600
    This issue means that your AOL account disobeys the AOL Mail’s terms and condition. To get the account access back, you need to contact the AOL support team.

    9. GAH! ERROR 15 With Error ERR404
    When the attachment is missing, then this issue is generated. To resolve this AOL email problem, you can request the sender to resend the attachment.

    10. BLERK! ERROR 13
    This error pops-up when the calendar is not loading properly in the user AOL account.

    11. GAH! ERROR 11 With ERR137
    The AOL Mail service has a provision that if the account is inactive longer than 90 days, then they will deactivate the account. And whenever the user sign-in with an account that is inactive for the last 90 days, this error arises. The user can re-activate the account contacting AOL support.

    Note: The account gets deleted if the AOL account is inactive for more than 180 days if so held the user won’t be able to re-access the account.

    How to Resolve AOL Email Problem

    One can perform the following workarounds to fix the errors of AOL Mail account.

    1. Again setup the browser security settings to resolve login or authentication related errors. Plus, when you bookmarked the link that is older, then remove it and use the new sign-in link for AOL account.

    2. Still, if you are facing a sign-in error, then change your account password. Adding to clear, just empty your browser’s cache.

    3. In a case when you cannot access the Mailbox, then simply restart or change the browser.

    4. If the data are not loading properly, then change firewall settings. Because many time firewall also not permit the emails access.

    Final Summary

    Errors in AOL Mail account are very common that occurs without any notice. Therefore, we have discussed all the technical glitches and how to resolve AOL email problems. However, we do not know which error can delete your emails. That is why it is suggested to use Mac AOL Backup to save a backup copy of emails on the Mac platform.

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