How will Lympo users get token rewards for tracking their health and workouts?

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The Lympo digital fitness wallet and user reward mechanism is at the core of the Lympo ecosystem. Lympo fitness wallet functions as an entry to the ecosystem and allows a user to create their profile, fill in their health data and connect it to their favourite sports and health tracking apps. The individual data submitted via Lympo fitness wallet will be accessible to its user and can be viewed or shared by storing a permission on blockchain.

The rewards issued by market players interested in having direct access to Lympo digital fitness wallet users can be of two different types:

• A reward for achieving a healthy lifestyle goal, i.e. running 5 kilometres or following a precise diet and submitting app records to Lympo profile.

• A reward for checking into a particular location for a specified amount of time, i.e. joining a gym class or attending a karate competition.

The Lympo health wallet will be rolled out in multiple steps. In order to bring the product to the market as soon as possible, Lympo tokens will be first used as utility tokens on the existing Lympo platform to buy online and offline training sessions with the best fitness trainers, including training or any sports coach sessions, consultations by a physical therapist or a dietician. Lympo users will be able to utilise the Lympo fitness wallet to get reward tokens for achieved training goals. As more partners join, Lympo tokens will be used to access a wide range of healthy lifestyle products and services like sports clothes and shoes, healthy food and gyms with a possibility to reward achieved health goals with the help of smart contracts.

Trainers will be able to be more competitive, proposing packages where their services are offered together with a built-in reward program. Also, any other ecosystem player can either attach the reward system to the product sold or purchase a certain number of tokens and organise challenges and tasks for Lympo users in exchange for their data.

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